Top AI Affiliate Programs in 2024

Are you ready to start earning by promoting AI apps and services? To celebrate the launch of our new top-tier affiliate commissions, we've compiled a list of the most lucrative AI affiliate programs of 2024.

Now, what makes an affiliate program the "best"? It's more of an art than a science. We've aimed to strike a balance between user experience quality and potential payouts for affiliates who refer paying users.

After all, a high commission on an unused app doesn't benefit anyone. Conversely, a modest commission on a stellar app is a step in the right direction, but it's not ideal either.

This article will spotlight the highest-paying AI affiliate programs that, according to our research, generally garner positive user reviews.

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AI Affiliate Program Essentials

We'll be covering a few crucial metrics for each of the AI affiliate programs highlighted in this post. Let's quickly review to ensure everyone understands how to compare one affiliate program against another.


This is the percentage of the sales you earn when you refer a paying customer. It's that simple!

Cookie Length:

How many days can pass between when a user clicks your affiliate link and when they make a purchase, for you to still receive credit for referring the sale? For instance, if the cookie length is 60 days, you won't earn a commission if a person you referred makes a purchase 61 days later.

Payout Frequency:

This refers to how often the balance you've earned will be paid out to you. Unfortunately, the affiliate industry is notorious for infrequent payouts. For instance, Amazon pays its affiliates on a Net60 basis, meaning you won't receive payment for referring a customer who makes a purchase in January until late March.

Top AI Affiliate Programs in 2024

Of course, this is a category we have extensive experience in...

RankHeadshot ProviderCommissionCookiePayout FrequencyMinimum PayoutAffiliate Link
1HeadshotsWithAI35%60 days15 days$50Link
2HeadshotPro30%60 days15 days$25Link
3AI SuitUp25%30 days14 days + 30 days$25Link
4ProPhotos.ai20%Not listedNot listedNot listedLink
5TheMultiverse.ai20%60 days30 days$30Link
6Aragon20%Not listed30 days$25Link
7Secta Labs20%Not listedNot listedNot listedLink
8Try It On AI10%Not listedNot listedNot listedLink
9Profile Bakery$5Not listedNot listedNot listedLink

HeadshotsWithAI: Highest Paying AI Headshot Affiliate Program

We offer our affiliates higher payouts than any other AI headshot generator, along with valuable marketing resources to simplify promotion efforts.

  • 35% commission on all sales
  • Bi-weekly payout
  • Highest conversion rate (~5%)

Top-tier affiliate terms

We prioritize our affiliates success. Offering the industry's highest commission rate, we equip you with valuable marketing resources to simplify promotion efforts.

  • High commission rate at 35%
    • $10.15 commission on $29 package
    • $13.65 commission on $39 package (most popular)
    • $17.15 commission on $49 package
  • Low minimum payout starting from $50.
  • Fast payout schedule every first of the month via PayPal.
  • Long cookie length of 60 days

Affiliate Program

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